The Savage Light

Andy Savage died from stomach cancer in March 2019 at the age of 38.  Andy was a quiet force who lived life to its fullest. He was athletic,  loved to travel, and had a wonderment for adventure and nature. He was  the happiest in front of a campfire or going on a hike with his family.  Andy was curious and pursued a variety of interests, from fixing up  vintage motorcycles to running road races to mixing electronic music at  Boston-area venues. More than anything, he loved his family and was committed to making lasting memories with his wife and two young  children.

Following his diagnosis, Andy savagely fought to  overcome this terrible disease. He took advantage of any opportunity to  help others better understand the needs of someone with a  life-threatening illness. Andy provided whatever samples were necessary  for research. He also met with a classroom of medical students to  discuss his journey and experiences. Additionally, he participated in  and later volunteered for the LIVESTRONG program at the YMCA to help  others regain their strength after cancer treatment.

The Savage  Light enables Andy's light to live on. It represents the importance of  giving during life and lending a hand or ear to others struggling  through life's challenges. We hope that sharing Andy's light will ignite  hope and peace in others.

This fund has been set up to  support research for gastric cancer. For your donation of $15.00 or  more, we will thank you by sharing a Savage Light with you. You may need  to pay shipping via PayPal.  

On behalf of the Savage family & friends, we thank you for your generous donation to this important cause.

More than Just a Store

The Savage Light website provides some basic information and important links related to cancer research.    Our goal is for you to learn about stomach cancer and share with your loved ones.   We need your support to help fund the research which continues to make advancements in early detection and treatments.   Gastric cancer is one of the most underfunded  areas in research.  

Our Mission

The Savage Light offers products which are reflective of Andy's sense of adventure and creativity.  The Savage Light website allows its' creators to share the light Andy had as a man, husband, father, son and brother.